Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Atlanta, New York, Flight

This morning we are leaving for Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport (Now there's a mouthful!) to begin our vacation/study trip to the Mediterranean. We will fly to JFK airport in New York and from there to Athens, Greece. So we will be in transit this afternoon, tonight, and most of the day tomorrow and will be in Athens in time for dinner tomorrow night. (Of course that is not as long a trip as it sounds -- there is a 6-hour time difference -- and a lot of hours sitting/walking around 3 airports.)

I understand that we will not have access to the internet most of the time we are on this tour -- possibly a visit to an internet cafe from time to time. I had hoped to blog the trip, but no can do. Perhaps next time.

But, check back with me every day. While we are gone, our daughter will have access to this account, and each day she will post a short entry I have written and some links to places we are SUPPOSED to visit that day. I hope she will also post some of her own comments and writing. Our friends, Scott and Ellen, who are house-sitting for us, will also have access to the account and will check in from time to time and possibly post some of their own thoughts.

I'll have a lot of blog-reading to catch up on when I return. Expect to see some photos and posts about the trip I'll add when we get back, too, of course. That extensive computer time, combined with the computer time used to write my catch-up blogs, will lead, I am afraid, to that dreaded backside blogspread unless I pick up the pace on the Monthly Marathon and make it a double or triple one!

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