Thursday, February 16, 2006

Thursday Thirteen - The Flu

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I Hate about Having the Flu

1…. You feel guilty for having been around anyone before you realized you might be contagious. What if you gave them the germ? -- Do they think you are inconsiderate?

2.... You smell bad - breath reeks even when you just brushed your teeth. And the periodic sweats (followed by chilling) do not create a perfume-like aroma. And taking a shower is such a chore when you can hardly hold your head up.

3.... You don't feel like doing anything, but you get tired of being in the house and the bed after a day or two.

4.... You miss all the fun stuff. Somehow everything fun is always scheduled when you are sick! You might spend weeks with nothing special to do; but when you get sick, there are dozens of fun activities available that you have to miss!

5.... You feel much worse than other people do when THEY have the flu, so everybody downplays your symptoms and you get no sympathy!

6.... The trashcans have to be emptied several times a day from all the tissues you are depositing.

7.... When you start getting better, you have to do loads and loads of laundry to get rid of all the germs lingering in your clothes, sheets, etc.!

8.... The monster headache! Now - I. know. headaches! -- haven't had too many minutes in my lifetime without a headache of some intensity -- mostly pretty mild. But the headache that goes with the flu is a whole other animal. It makes me feel the need to redefine the word headache!

But OTOH, a Few Things that Aren't So Bad about Having the Flu:

9.... You don't have to feel guilty for not doing housework or cooking.

10.... You can get in a little extra blogging and/or reading -- when you feel like sitting up.

11.... You can just keep on your jammies all day!

12.... Thanks to the internet, you can still communicate, even though you can't go out in the world.

13.... Your Thursday Thirteen buddies will write you sweet sympathetic notes and make you feel better!

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