Monday, February 27, 2006


I have done more blogreading than blogpost writing the last couple of days. Here are some articles/essays/pieces I found particularly interesting or thought-provoking:

Mother Tongue Annoyances, whose posts are usually about language usage, posted this thoughtful essay about appropriate and useful responses to violence. The post is entitled: Violence + Violence = Injustice

The Education Wonks featured several education articles from different blogs; but I found this one at Kauai Mark’s Substitute Teacher Blog particularly interesting, since my daughter teaches Kindergarten. Mark's post was entitled What I forgot.

Brandywine Books featured an interesting post about The Bible as Literature. I have a post in draft stage that is related to this - cultural literacy from the Bible.

A Rose by Any Other Name played one of my favorite almost-worn-out tunes - that children must be taught to take responsibility for their own actions. She called this post Life is Not Fair.

The Galactic Patrol posted two articles that made me think: The first was based on a quote about political namecalling and and how it exposes the country to danger. Another post detailed a very good plan to occupy the days of jailed criminals.

Kimberly at Number 2 Pencil wrote about some new policies in Britain for encouraging appropriate behavior in school. Teachers know that
"it only takes a handful of poorly behaved pupils to make life difficult for staff and disrupt the education of others. The message to the minority is clear — disrupt the class and you will disrupt your weekend.”

Happy Reading!

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