Saturday, February 18, 2006

Blogging in the Good ol' USA

Most of the highly "successful" US blogs are rifle blogs - having one bullet with a very focused target. I refer to these sites as "bloguns." Bloguns are often blogospherically successful and fun for their regular readers to read because we all like to discuss issues with those who share our feelings on important topics.

Rifle Blogs (Bloguns)
Some of these political bloguns are strongly and emphatically conservative; some are strongly and emphatically liberal; some even manage to straddle that political divide - emphatically. All constantly strive to convert those who are politically lost. Most manage to be civil in their approach to their topics; some do not. All can be classified as Either-Or Bloguns. Site A is either pro-life or pro-choice; Site B is either pro-troops or anti-war; site C is either pro-Bush or anti-Bush; site D is either red state or blue state, Democrat or Republican. Every post on these sites, while varying in stridency level, shoots right to the heart of the author's single target topic. Hoist that rifle, aim, FIRE.......

Hundreds of bloguns focus entirely on "current events", retelling the MSM's "top story" of the day. Many are "guess what happened in Podunk Hollow today? Well, I'll tell you all about it, and tell you how it is all the US government's fault!" bloguns. Others are "Can you believe what they're blaming on the US government now?" bloguns.

Of course there are non-political bloguns, too. (Well, nothing is really non-political these days; but these are not overtly political.) These include homeschooling and mommy bloguns; theology and psychology bloguns, education journal and education reform bloguns; dog-lovers and cat-lovers bloguns; photography and graphic arts bloguns; aspiring writer bloguns; "we demand that you validate the homosexual lifestyle" bloguns; technical and computer knowledge bloguns; and probably dozens of other categories I have not visited.

On the other hand, like many of my favorite reads, my blog takes the Cheney approach to blogging. My shotgun is loaded with birdshot. My pieces are usually serious, but sometimes I try for a light, even humorous, tone. My posts are often on family issues or events; but I also frequently write about current news items. Occasionally I lose my head and state a political opinion. Sometimes I post a creative-writing piece - a poem or essay, but these posts are followed by (or combined with) relationship or human interest observations. I frequently write about what I read - books, magazines, other blogs, and newspapers. I sometimes write about educational policy concerns or educational theory, and I post some of my grandchildren's art or photographs on occasion. So - Caution. You are entering a shotblogun zone. Stay alert! Some of my birdshot might hit you if you don't watch out.

So tell me friends, is this a great country OR WHAT!!??

Love our diversity! Love our freedom of choice, our freedom of speech, and our freedom to write a blogun or a shotblogun! Love the fact that so many people are using their free time to write instead of to vegetate. So blog on, America! -- and, so you can sing along with Frank, do it YOUR way!

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