Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Weird Habits

I got tagged by The Median Sib to do this meme.

As I understand it the rules are: The first player of this game starts by writing a post on the topic “five weird habits of myself” then tags 5 people to write an entry about their five weird habits. Each "taggee" continues the chain by writing his/her post about his/her weirdness. Having completed step one, the taggee now becomes the tagger and tags 5 more participants. Each tagger should be careful to explain the rules of the meme and should leave a comment in the journal or blog of their taggees telling each one "You have been tagged." It should also request that they read the tagging blogger's post.

Disclaimer: I am not really weird at all; so keep in mind as you read that these "weirdnesses" are purely fictitious -- simple figments of my imagination. Are we clear? Okay, then, here we go:

1. As with most of my weird habits, this one is caused by the fact that I am somewhat of a neat freak. When I kick my shoes off, even casually, like sitting in the den at home, I have to pair them up neatly beside each other -- left on the left and right on the right, toe beside toe and heel beside heel.
2. Even though I have been married for over 40 years to the least critical man you can imagine who wouldn't care if I spent 15 hours a day blogging, I try to hide the fact that I spend so much time at the computer. (BTW, remember that this number is purely hypothetical. It is in no way connected to the ACTUAL number of hours I sit at the computer on any given day.) When I hear the garage door going up, I get up from the computer and go to meet him from a different room of the house to look as if I have been washing clothes or dishes or someother useful chore. Anybody observing this guilty-looking ritual would assume I had been surfing porn sites or something instead of reading and/or writing blogs or practicing with my Spanish-language CDRoms.
3. I am most efficient and get more done when I work in small spurts of time. Fold clothes for 5 minutes, pay bills for 10 or 15, decide what to fix for dinner and put out something to thaw, pack one box of dishes, unload the dishwasher, etc. I actually get more done this way than if I stuck to one job until it was finished.
4. I love to learn new stuff. That's weird, isn't it? I have bought 5 or 6 different language-learning programs and two different "play piano by ear" programs since I retired from teaching two years ago. I do this stuff (in spurts between household jobs) and never turn the TV or radio on. (I also hate to have the radio on in the car. I find the noise very irritating. If I don't have a language tape or story tape to listen to, I'd rather just have the silence.)
5. I won't tag anyone else to do this meme.

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