Thursday, January 26, 2006


Thirteen Things about Joan

1…. I am older than DVDs, but

2....I am younger than STDs.

3....I am taller than Danny DeVito, but

4....I am shorter than Geena Davis.

5....I am more conservative than Hilary Clinton, but

6....I am more liberal than George Bush.

7.... I am stronger than a mouse, but

8....I am weaker than a horse.

9....I like the surfing the internet, reading, doing word puzzles, researching, analyzing data, writing, walking, being with family, and helping people learn something new; however,

10....I dislike television, talking politics, sitting still, cooking, making big decisions, talking on the telephone, waiting for people who are late, and shopping.

11....I intend to do the new meme made up by Terrell at Alone on a Limb. Those are some hard questions he posed.

12....I also still intend to do -- eventually -- the meme Norma at Collecting My Thoughts tagged me with last week. I am having trouble coming up with 5 questions to ask Jesus when I get to heaven. Any ideas, Anybody?

13....I am glad this meme doesn't require "tagging" anybody else. I always look forward to reading what other Thursday Thirteeners write.

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