Saturday, December 24, 2005

Mariah Carey, My Twin

According to My Heritage, Mariah Carey and I are practically twins!

Check out this site! You can upload a picture of yourself (or anyone else, of course), and the face detection and recognition program will analyze your facial structure and find the closest match among celebrity photos. BTW, the next closest match to my face was Natalie Wood!

HT to Rebecca Writes, where Rebecca is a dead ringer for the president!


Norma said...

I tried 4 photos, and got 4 different ethnicities, 3 of them male. I think this site needs some tweaking, or it wore out over the holidays. Kim Jong Il indeed!

Joan said...

I agree, Norma. I got some pretty bizarre results too. Still it was interesting. I put in my granddaughter's picture and got a kid pic of Madonna for a match -- actually pretty similar face shape, etc.