Saturday, December 03, 2005

Breakfast with Santa

Our local homeless shelter will have about $10,000 more to work with during this Christmas season as a result of the Breakfast with Santa event held at First United Methodist Church this morning.

Many volunteers work hard for weeks to take care of the details necessary to pull off this event. Every year some of our grandchildren come from out of town to attend with us. The church's primary assembly hall is decorated, and each party is seated and served by one of the youth of the church or the Boy Scout troup. After breakfast, the puppet ministry of First Presbyterian Church provides a lively and entertaining puppet show for the children. At the end of the puppet show, Santa comes in, and the central gathering ends.

The attendees scatter to participate in various activities around the church. Children can visit with Santa and have their pictures taken and made into a Christmas tree ornament. They can visit a live nativity scene, hear the Christmas story read by an angel, pose with the holy family and wise men, and make a related commemorative ornament. They can visit the face-painting center. They can go by the craft center and make another simple craft.

Everyone has a wonderful time, and some of our citizens who are experiencing hard times benefit from the proceeds.

The posted pictures are of our grandchildren. I will post some additional pics in my photo album.


Lyn said...

We enjoyed Breakfast with Santa - even though E keeps telling me that we didn't really EAT with Santa. We had a great time. The girls especially enjoyed being and playing with AG.
Thanks for the exciting day!lLove you,

Carol said...

Adorable children! I know you had a wonderful time with them.