Sunday, November 27, 2005

What's up with TTLB?

I just checked my TTLB status for the first time in a few days -- what's going on? I have suddenly gone down about 4 steps in the ecosystem -- although the ranking number is about the same! Wondering what I had done wrong, I checked 7 or 8 blogs whose rankings I happen to know in relation to mine (mostly family members and very good friends). And guess what? EVERYBODY has gone down several levels! What's up with that? Apparently TTLB is revamping and throwing around their ranking labels with abandon.

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Carol said...

I noticed the same thing. I went down again this morning, although I had three more links than yesterday. Oh well. Guess my goal will be a Flippery Fish again... I guess with all the many new blogs being added each day, the percentages would change.