Tuesday, November 15, 2005

War of the Papers

When my husband left for work this morning, I told him, "If I don't have those two filing cabinets cleaned out and organized when you get home this afternoon, just shoot me."

My name is Joan and I am a wordaholic.

I keep magazine articles. By this I mean I keep family-relationship articles, mental health articles, home decorating articles, articles with cute craft ideas, money-management articles, humor pieces, recipes, puzzles, articles about organizing your home and office, self-improvement articles, even home-repair articles! HA! As IF!

I also keep whole magazines, books, books, books, books, books, event programs, church bulletins, newsletters, funny email jokes and stories, catalogs, books, bill-paying records, books, doctor-visit records, grandchildren's drawings, thank-you notes, birthday cards, books, and other not-so-easily-categorized PAPERS!

As I walked through the dining room this morning, I heard a rustling coming from the stack of papers there. I think I caught the whispered word "revolution" just before I looked that way and all became suddenly silent. As I turned away, the urgent word "now!" was distinctly audible. Those papers just sat there looking SO inncocent; but we all know that the appearance of innocence is one of Evil's best tools.

I CANNOT sit at the computer for hours today while the papers convene a quorum and elect officers. Their first order of business, I am sure, would be to evict us humans from the premises so that they can complete their takeover.

So, I will do my duty before they can rally their troops. I will protect my home. I will sign off now, don my battle gear, and fight the War of the Papers. CHAAAAAARGE!!!!!!


Carol said...

I need to do likewise! Thanks for the inspiration.

Ruth said...

Joan i am stil laughing at your srticle, while knowing how neat you are ...especially compared to me and many of your siblings. If you have it all in two file cabinets just move them and keep all your good stuff.