Monday, November 07, 2005

Mark Twain and the 4-Year-Old

While I was searching for the Mark Twain quote about travel, I found this one and was immediately overwhelmed with mirth thinking about my youngest grandchild.

When I was younger I could remember anything, whether it happened or not.

As is true with many 4-year-olds, E has a vivid imagination -- so vivid that it becomes reality to him. There have been MANY incidences lately in which E has told his parents stories which were obviously born in his imagination but which he perceived as actual.

For example, he was looking at the pics in my on-line photo album with his parents and sisters. As they commented on the cruise we have just returned from, the sights we saw while we were away, and the size of the ship on which we traveled; E began to earnestly describe the cruise he went on with Gram and Granddaddy last time he visited them. He told about the Panama Canal, the big boat, and all the pumpkins for halloween.

His daddy finally challenged his narrative, "E, is this a REAL story?"

Patiently, with a tolerant sigh, E responded, "Daddy, you KNOW I don't know any 'real' stories."

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Carol said...

E is certainly a smart young man! I ended up babysitting SweetStuff and Sunshine this afternoon. They just left (9:00 p.m.), and I'm exhausted! But they kept me entertained nonstop since I picked them up at 5:00.