Monday, November 14, 2005

Ideas for Writing and a Quiz on Quotes

I am spending WAAAAAAY too much time at the computer these days.

One internet site that I keep returning to is the Encarta Encyclopedia quiz page. Encarta is full of good stuff, but quizes always rope me in. You might be interested in seeing how much you know about famous quotes. If so, try this quiz.

When I am trying to decide what to write about, I frequently find myself checking out the daily writing prompts on Writer's Then I look at The Daily Meme , although I haven't yet actually written on a topic found at either of these sites.

Here are links to some of the good blogs I have been visiting from time to time: Amy's Humble Musings, Brandywine Books, Buried Treasure Books, Begin Each Day As If It Were On Purpose, My Miscellanies , the Jolly Blogger and the Spanish Learning Blog.

Let's face it, if I haven't found something I want to write about after all that reading, I must not want to write today.


Carol said...

Some great ideas and links, Joan. Thanks!

lilsis said...

Thanks Joan - now I'm wandering from blog to blog in an endless cycle - Thanks alot! lol