Friday, November 11, 2005

Blogging Woes

I am still with my Mother trying to take care of her a little bit since her surgery, and I am having trouble getting any writing posted.

First things first: Mother is doing well, but she is pretty miserable. Her face is all swollen and bruised, and she is feeling weak from the anesthesia. But she is accustomed to being totally self-sufficient, and I haven't actually been able to help her much. She won't ask for help. I am thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to visit though. We have had good conversations (especially day before yesterday when she had almost totally lost her voice and couldn't talk!) Just kidding, of course. Her voice is back, though it is still raspy and intermittent.

The other thing: It is difficult to write using someone else's computer. It is especially difficult to spend a lot of time online when the computer uses a dial-up modem. The process is painfully slow AND I am aware every second that I am tying up the phone line and someone might be trying to call.

So suffice it to say today: I have several possible posts in my head and in notes -- especially as relates to Veteran's Day today. I intend to sit at my own computer when I get home and get them down on paper. I plan to go home tonight or tomorrow when my sister Carol comes from Tennessee to spend the weekend with Mother.

I am going to ply Mother today for some more WWII stories to add to the ideas I am already toying with. (Oh, I am just going to leave that dreaded preposition-ending sentence that precedes this one!)

God bless all the men and women who have served our country through the years; and God bless the memory of those who have died in its service.

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