Friday, November 25, 2005

1000th visitor

If you ----

  1. are from the United States (at Lat/Long 38,-97),
  2. use AOL,
  3. breezed by this blog early this morning at about 1:38 AM then hurried right on out to somewhere else in cyberspace,

you were my 1000th visitor and have won a token of my appreciation! Just email me your snailmailing info, along with your choice of prize (see post of November 17), and I will speed your chosen item along the postal passages right to your door, or mailbox as it may be.

If I don't hear from the winner by Monday or Tuesday, the 1001st visitor, who is from Heppner, Oregon, can claim the prize. This visitor came by a few minutes after #1000, visited about 15 minutes, and uses Centurytel for an ISP. Let me know.

Happy Friday!


Kathryn Judson said...

I was 1,001 - which gave me a good giggle. Soooo close.

Give the real winner as much time as you like. But if I'm the winner by default, I'll send you my address by e-mail. My choice would be Let's Eat In Tonight.

P.S. Nothing against Heppner, but I really live in John Day, Oregon. CenturyTel lists me all over the place. (I posted on my virtual relocations Oct. 6, if you want a laugh.)

Joan said...

Interesting, Kathryn. I just discovered that I am listed as Fort Lauderdale, Florida! I live in North Georgia -- only 500 or so miles off!