Thursday, November 17, 2005

1000th Visitor

Choose one of these tokens of my
appreciation .....

Daddy's Roses will likely have its 1000th visitor within the next 6 days! That is amazing to me. When I started this blog, I just took advantage of an opportunity to communicate in a new way. Blogging provides a chance for me to combine several of my favorite things in life -- reading, writing, computer-use, hashing over ideas, and communicating with people. I certainly never expected to attract a lot of readers, and I am aware that my readers are almost all family and close friends.

However, I am taking a cue from other blogs that have awarded a prize to the person who makes a milestone visit. (Reasoned Audacity awarded a Blogging Tee Shirt to its 100,000th visitor and The Median Sib gave its 1000th visitor a one-of-a-kind BlogHog tote bag.) In this spirit, Daddy's Roses stands ready to acknowledge its 1000th visitor with a token of appreciation.

Our 1000th visitor may choose: (1) a pretty 2005 Line-A-Day Calendar featuring roses, (2) an autographed copy of my little booklet, Lets Eat In Tonight, or (3) a one-of-a-kind handmade fabric bookmark (no picture available.)
So, if you are reading this blog on or about Wednesday (the day before Thanksgiving and my birthday), check the sitemeter at the very bottom of the page and see if you are the 1000th visitor. If you are, email me your address and your preference of a prize, and I will get it off in the mail to you with my thanks ASAP.


Carol said...

I have a new goal - to be the 1000th visitor and get the cookbooklet!

Jane said...

WOW! I just reached 200. I have a ways to go to catch up with you guys. Maybe I can be 1000!!

lilsis said...


It would be hard to choose. That cookbook is great :)

Lyn said...

The cookbook IS great - a real time saver. I use it frequently.