Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Cruise Blues

I am sitting the the business center of the Marriott Vacation Club Resort finally getting a chance to write a post. I can't seem to get into BellSouth to check email. If any of my friends and family want to send me an email, please use the Yahoo address.

The last two days have been full of misinformation and changes of plans. Actually it has almost been a comedy of errors. We jumped right out of the frying pan into the flames when we left hubbub and confusion of the Atlanta airport Tuesday morning. Our flight to Fort Lauderdale was cancelled; but they got us on a plane to Melbourne, FL, thinking we could rent a car and drive to Fort Lauderdale and things could go on as planned.

I will detail later. Right now, my internet time is adding up fast, since I tried to check email first and never did get connected; so suffice it to say -- we have had change after change. We flew to Melbourne, rented a car, drove South, ran into the situation of no electricity and no gasoline, drove back North. Had to go north and inland all the way to Orlando to get a motel after we found out that our cruise had been delayed.

The latest info says that we will be picked up at a McDonalds in the morning at 6:00 by a bus provided by the cruise line and taken to Miami where the cruise will originate. We are supposed to sail at 5:00 tomorrow evening.

Thank goodness we brought a cellphone with us this time. We don't usually. We did have to buy a new charger, since we didn't bring one and have made dozens of calls to get info, rent car, find hotel, etc. We also bought travel insurance this time -- we don't usually!

It has been a little strange to be here in vacation area -- literally across the road from Sea World and just a few miles from Epcot Center, Disney World, Universal Studios, and other shows, entertainments and yet spend all our time calling and piddling with arrangements. On the other hand, this resort is gorgeous. We had a wonderful hour-long walk this morning around the grounds. We didn't bring warm enough clothes for the weather, so we had to wait until about 3:00 this afternoon for it to be warm enough to be out in the breeze for very long. The temp broke records for the day's low here in Orlando last night at 47 degrees.

Hope to have more time to post from the ship.

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Terry said...

I hope things go better now!! Lyn has been keeping us informed.