Saturday, September 24, 2005

Young Love

Ah, love is in the air!

Last month my nephew Josh married his sweet and beautiful girlfriend, Charlee, in an impressive church ceremony with military pomp. Josh is in the army and stationed, for the time being, in Germany. The new groom only had three days with his wife before he had to fly back to his base. His new wife has not yet dotted all the Army i's and crossed all the Army t's necessary before she can join him there.

Josh and Charlee

Today, as I write, I am missing a reception given for my cousin (is it first cousin once removed? -- anyway my first cousin's son) and his lovely Venezuelan bride. They were married last month in Venezuela. The groom, Jared, had to return to the states soon after the wedding; but the bride, Lim, remained in Venezuela to wait for govenmental approval to join her new husband. She arrived a week or two ago, and her new parents-in-law are giving this reception so that friends and family here will have an opportunity to celebrate with them.

Jared and Lim

Sustaining a loving and supportive marriage has never been an easy proposition, but our 21st century society can be even more suppressing than in times past. I pray that these two young couples, as they continue in this grand adventure of marriage, will be able to maintain that admiration and respect for each other that caused them to take this important step in their lives. May God bless you, Josh and Charlee! ! May God bless you, Jared and Lim!


Anonymous said...
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Terry said...

Dear Joan, We missed you at the Jared/Lim shindig tonight. She and her family are lovely and the barbecue was outstanding. Jared and Lim are building a house just down the hill on the "Lathem Compound". It is dried in and stud walls and basic plumbing are in but no sheetrock yet. So we could get an idea of the layout. Looks nice.
I am enjoying your blog - especially Daddy's Roses. Thanks for sharing with us.

PS Click on "Terry" above to take a look at Lillian's homecoming pics.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this sweet post on your blog. We missed and Jim yesterday. We had a lovely evening, although we were exhausted afterwards! I echo your sentiments about marriage and wish both these couples a lifetime of happiness.

Jane said...

The above anonymouse comment is from me!

Carol said...

Hi Joanie -- I loved your "Daddy's Roses" poem. Love you! Carol