Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Commander in Chief on TV

This morning I thoroughly enjoyed reading Reasoned Audacity's live blog of the new TV show Commander in Chief which aired last night. Charmaine made many of the same comments that Jim and I made to each other as we watched the show.

Over all, as a virtual non-viewer of TV, I enjoyed the show; however, we found many of the unlikely scenarios distracting. A few of the implausibilities include: that the white house staff would not have cleaned out the oval office before the new president arrived; that a secretary would have the gall to tell the president that she could not work for her because it would make her feel "cheap"; that even the dying president AND the speaker of the house would urge her to resign; and especially that her first action as president would be a dramatic helicopter rescue in a foreign country. On the level of her looks -- what was with the super-bright red lipstick on those collegen-enhanced kissers? How was the viewer supposed to notice anything else?

But, even with its apparent faults, this may be the first TV series I will schedule to watch since The Cosby Show and Family Ties way back when; although I did watch Friends semi-regularly for a few years.

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