Thursday, September 22, 2022

Grandchildren's Birth Songs

When our first grandchild was born, Our daughter, Lyn, the baby's aunt, sang her a song made up on the spot, as Lyn often composed little songs. She did the same thing with her nephew, who was born 16 months later.  When Lyn had her own child a few years later, I didn't want her children to miss having their own song as their cousins did, so I continued the tradition. The later songs were more thought out and were longer and more detailed; so, through the years, we added on to the first two to make them more comparable in length and complexity. All the children loved to have their songs sung. 

Rachael -1992

Rachael Elizabeth, Rachael Elizabeth, 
Rachael Elizabeth, I love you.
You are an angel girl, 
Sweetest in all the world,
A rare and a precious pearl.
How I love you!

Dow - 1994

Dow Rabern, Dow Rabern,
I love you; we all do.
Dow Rabern, Dow Rabern,
I love you, yes, I do.

Oh, look at that handsome face,
Brightening up the place!
You are such a special boy.
What a joy!

Dow Rabern, Dow Rabern,
I love you, yes, I do. 

Brianne - 1997

Stefani Brianne, Stefani Brianne,
I love your sweet little face.
Stefani Brianne, I love you, Brianne.
You make the world a happier place.
Oh, I love you so -
You are the sunshine for my day.
I thank God for you -
You are starlight for my night.
Your sweet smile is music for my dance;
Your blue eyes are color for my sight.

Oh, Stefani Brianne, I love you, Brianne
You make the world a brighter, more beautiful,
Colorful, world a happier place!

AnnaGrace -1998

AnnaGrace Catherine, 
I love you so, Little Girl.
AnnaGrace, Sweet Angel Face, 
You brighten up our world.

Our world is brighter since
You came along.
You make it brighter with
Your happy song. 

Just thinking about you
Puts a smile upon my face -
Because I love you so,
Sweet AnnaGrace. 

Natalie - 1998

Natalie Joan. you are a treasure.
I love you more than I can measure
I love you warm as the sunshine,
Blue as the sky,
Soft as a cloud,
And twice as high.

I thank God every day
For the love He has shown
In giving us you,
Sweet Natalie Joan. 

Ethan - 2001

Jack Ethan, I love you
More than you'll ever know -
Every little part of you
From your head down to your toes,

You make my heart sing
With happiness and love.
Ethan, our precious boy
Sweet little Angel boy.
Ethan, our pride and joy,
You're a gift from up above! 

Monday, September 19, 2022

Aunt Vek

I seldom remember my dreams in any detail at all; and when I do, I have to wonder at the state of my unconscious. They seldom make much sense. 

 Last night (early this morning actually) I dreamed of my dear maternal aunt, Aunt Vek (pronounced Veek, and substituting for Vera.) It has been 22 years since she went home to see the Savior she served in life; but here she was in my dreams this morning! It was unmistakably her although she was working in an old-fashioned department store and helping another customer select an undergarment, when I happened upon her. Why would my subconscious put her in this setting? I'm sure she never worked in a department store, and I don't recall ever shopping with her. But when, I first spotted her in the dream, she was talking animatedly with the customer. That part was very true-to-character. She was a very open and welcoming person who related comfortably to everyone around her. Another weird detail I remember is that a co-worker of hers observed our interaction, and immediately told us to visit and she would help the other customer. What a strange little detail to come up in the dream! 

Our brief reunion (hugs, exclamations, laughs) felt very familiar and acknowledged the length of our separation. I wish I remembered what we said to each other and how we parted again at the end; I don't. I just remember the warm home-coming feel of the dream. There was little substance to the dream, really, but I have found myself all morning remembering Aunt Vek with alternating tears and smiles. What a wit my aunt had! She was so much fun to be around; and I remember lots of laughing with her and her sisters. My much-more-reserved mother seemed to loosen up when she was with her big sister. Aunt Vek seemed to have an unlimited capacity to nurture - if you were hers to claim, you were perfect and beloved! I think her dozens of nieces and nephews feel the same way as I did about her. Rest in peace, Aunt Vek. You are still in our hearts. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Tapestry of Love

 The Deadlines for Writers poem 2022-09 is due today. The prompt for this month's work is YOU. 

A Tapestry of Love

From early youth I’ve been in love with YOU -  

At least the YOU you seem to me to be. 

You hold my hand and speak of love sweet love, 

Are always kind and bright with courtesy. 


Another YOU bows down with low self-worth 

Your father’s frequent scorn instilled in you.  

That hidden hurt and hunger boils inside, 

Skewing your perceptions and worldview. 


The YOU your buddies know is someone else. 

A stranger full of swagger, often loud. 

The YOU at work is focused, driven, stern 

The YOUs in you are so diverse a crowd! 


And the ME you love is not the only ME.  

I, too, have heavy baggage from the past.  

But we're in this life together, Dearest One. 

We'll do whate’er it takes to make love last.  


I vow that I won’t try to change your ways.  

If you’ll accept and live in peace with mine.  

These varied threads of all the MEs and YOUs 

Will make, in time, a tapestry divine.  

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Remembering the Laughter

The eighth poem prompt is "laughter." At first I thought I would have to just not submit a poem this month since laughter was so far from my experience. This entire month has been spent in dark concern and grief when my younger sister had a series of small strokes followed by a massive one, and we watched in helplessness as her physical condition deteriorated through the weeks. She fought to stay with us; she struggled to communicate; the agony was unbearable; and the struggle was, in the end, futile. I created this painting and wrote this poem in loving memory of my precious "baby sister" Sharlyn Beth Shaw Roszel, 12/19/1954 - 08/05/2022. 

(Original painting "Mourning Roses" depicts Beth's 5 grandchildren mourning the loss of their grandmother.) 

When my grieving overwhelms me and there’s little else but pain, 

When it seems that brightening sunshine will never come again, 

When I think of how your leaving caused the good in life to wane,  

It’s the mem’ry of your smile 

that soothes my pain.  


In the midst of darkest mourning,  

As an anchor in the storming, 

It’s the mem’ry of your laughter 

That sustains.