Thursday, March 02, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things Joan has to remember to do this week
DH and I are leaving Next Wednesday for our long-awaited trip to Athens and Rome (I don't mean the Georgia cities by those names, either!)

Here are some things I have to do before we leave.

  1. Check with Scott and Ellen and be sure they still plan to housesit.
  2. Show Lyn how to upload my blogposts and be sure she knows how to get into the dashboard.
  3. Finish writing short paragraphs about each planned day of the trip for Lyn, Scott, or Ellen to post.
  4. Finish preparing presentation for our group meeting on Saturday.
  5. Call the bank and Visa to alert them to the probability of foreign activity on debit and credit cards.
  6. Reschedule the housekeeper.
  7. Print some sudokus to do on the plane.
  8. Be sure that all bills are paid (both houses).
  9. Get hand sanitizer, pocket pak tissues, wet wipes, and extra batteries for the camera.
  10. Make a small family photo album to take with us.
  11. Call my six most precious angels and find out what they would like us to bring them from Italy and/or Greece.
  12. Ramp up the walking schedule to build more stamina.
  13. Quit re-thinking the logistic details constantly.

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