Thursday, February 09, 2006

Thirteen Thursday Threads of Thought

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen uncommon, but potentially useful, "th-" words for Thursday

Not surprisingly many "th-" words have to do with heat (therm) and many others are related to God (theo). These definitions come from The American Heritage Dictionary. Any examples are of my own thetic design (see #12).

1…. thermotherapy - therapy by application of heat. Perhaps thermotherapy will be the solution for my back pain.

2.... Thumping - enjoyable. What a thumping post that was!

3....thrasonical - boastful. I could like him so much better were he not so thrasonical.

4.....thermolabile - subject to great change or destruction by moderate heating. The discussion was rational for awhile; but her tendency to be so thermolabile soon led to a shouting match.

5....thewy - strong. The thewy physical trainer soon whipped him into shape.

6....thigmotaxis - movement of an organism in response to a direct tactile stimulus. Use your own imagination for this one.

7....thenar - the fleshy part of the hand at the base of the thumb. Wear your gloves while raking leaves, or you will get blisters on your thenars.

8....theodicy - the vindication of divine justice in the face of the existence of evil. I'm sure you can come up with an example for theodicy.

9....thaumatology - the study of miracles.

10....theantrophic - both divine and human in nature. Our theantrophic Savior gave us guidelines for living life to the fullest.

11....thole - to endure, to bear. I hope you are tholing this list.

12....thetic - presented dogmatically; arbitrarily prescribed. (See the introduction to this list.)

13....threnody - a song of lamentation. My family is tired of hearing my threnody on the pastoral housing situation in the UMC.

Bonus....thremmatology - the scientific breeding of domestic plants and animals.

Update (because inquiring minds want to know) -- Norma at Collecting My Thoughts suggested another "th-" word that I did not find in the dictionary I consulted. The word is theriogenology. Upon googling the word, I found that it apparently means the study of reproduction in domestic and non-domestic mammals, birds, reptiles and fish. A related word that was in the dictionary I had at hand was theriomorphic, which means having the form of a beast. Now this word offers a wide-open opportunity for figurative usage. What example sentence can you offer?

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